Prostate Cancer Diagnostics

Robotic Transperineal Prostatic Fusion Biopsy

Dr. Tony Gianduzzo provides high quality prostate cancer diagnostics supported by world-class prostate MRI, PSMA PET and uropathology services, underwritten by Dr. Tony’s 25 years of clinical experience.
Robotically Targeted Transperineal Prostatic Fusion Biopsy gives safe and accurate biopsy of the prostate.
The transperineal method means the biopsy needle is passed through the skin between the scrotum and anus, with a much lower chance of infection than the classical transrectal biopsy approach.
The Mona Lisa BioBot robotic-assisted biopsy system then provides unsurpassed accuracy and  precise control of each biopsy core. Biopsies are taken through only two two transperineal puncture sites, minimising discomfort. Most patients experience trivial or no discomfort at all after the biopsy.
Robotic targeting provides unsurpassed accuracy during biopsy of MRI identified prostatic lesions, allowing precise control of the direction and depth of each biopsy core.  Diagnosis and patient risk-stratification is more accurate, allowing better treatment choices for patients with clinically significant, potentially lethal prostate cancer, while reducing over-diagnosis and over-treatment of insignificant disease.